27 Questions You Could Ask During Informational Interviews

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Informational interviews is a subject Sports Business Chronicle first explored last month, as we explained what they are, how to obtain them, their ins and outs and most importantly, what they can do for your career. But after you land a 25-minute conversation with an industry professional, what are the types of questions
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One thought on “27 Questions You Could Ask During Informational Interviews

  1. As a grad student currently reaching out to industry professionals, I found your suggestions to be spot on. Curious to know how you suggest approaching these two situations: 1. The person you are speaking with works for a company offering an internship you are interested in – do you ask them directly to be an advocate? 2. How do you follow-up to keep the relationship going – a simple thank you email, hand written note, reach out when something interesting in the industry happens? Thanks Mark!

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