Did The Philadelphia Eagles Staff Err In Signing Off Social Media After Super Bowl Win?

At 11:40pm ET on Sunday night, the Philadelphia Eagles digital team Tweeted the below, effectively signing off social media to celebrate a Super Bowl LII victory over the New England Patriots. The next Tweet came nine-plus hours later Monday morning.

The Tweet caught our attention at Sports Business Chronicle in addition to the entire sports business community, particularly those operating in the social and digital space. We scoured Twitter and discovered many folks weighing in with their thoughts.

It should be noted that Samantha Wood, Eagles’ Digital Platforms Manager, commented on the decision, albeit in a 280-character Tweet.

“This was a strategic decision not only to give our staff a break, but also knowing that much of the best content would be buried. Would rather extend the content party as much as possible,” she Tweeted.

Below are those in favor of the decision and those against it, with the former group far outweighing the latter. You be the judge. 



The below Tweet kick-started a sizable Twitter thread of commentary about the social decision if you’re interested in reading more. A majority of the Replies were disappointed in the sign-off message.

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