Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, hopefully Sports Business Chronicle has some answers. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please email, and we’ll try to answer it as best we can.

 1.  So, what is Sports Business Chronicle and what does it all entail? SBC is a newly-formed digital media company built around a community-based model that aims to serves the sports business student and professional. It was founded in late August 2017 by Mark J. Burns.

We’ll cover the entire gamut of the industry for now. That might mean describing how the Nashville Predators’ 2017 Stanley Cup run impacted the team and city from a business standpoint as we head into the 2017-18 season, outlining the current state of augmented reality in sports, highlighting Coca Cola’s sponsorship strategy in esports over the last five years or polling a handful of digital professionals about the most underutilized platform in sports (Hint: these will be some of the first stories you’ll read on the website over the next 10 days). At the same time, Sports Business Chronicle will stretch the boundaries of ‘sports business’. If you a read a story on, let’s say, the rise of the infamous @FauxPelini Twitter account and say to yourself, ‘That’s not exactly sports business,’ you’re certainly right. We’re going to inject some pop culture, personality and topical stories of interest into the overarching content strategy. Chances are you’ll see one of those fringe sports business stories each week.

Beyond the content, which will typically run Monday through Friday, Sports Business Chronicle will have networking events and meetups exclusively for SBC members. We’ve had three thus far in New York City, with two including a guest speaker. We’ll continue to have at least one, if not two, speakers at these events.

In addition to the content and meetups, there’s an exclusive Facebook community where members can interact with one another. In April, we launched a weekly conference call with an industry guest. The hour-long discussions feature a back-and-forth conversation with SBC’s founder Mark J. Burns followed by audience questions. Any SBC member is welcome to attend. If you can’t join the call, we’ll publish a transcript on the site within 24-36 hours. Finally, if you’re a student, we hold weekly informational interview-style conference calls. If you’d like to join, look out for a weekly Sunday/Monday night email with that week’s call schedule. Be one of the first five students to respond and join the discussion.

Depending on the site’s traction, a future podcast is certainly a viable option as well.

If you’re searching for more of a back story on Sports Business Chronicle and why it was created, please read our ‘Welcome’ message here.

 2. How do I become a member to SBC? We’re glad you asked. Here is a link to six membership options, including monthly, student, Under 30, annual and two group rates.

 3. Does becoming a member to Sports Business Chronicle automatically mean I’ll receive the daily newsletter? No, actually. You have to manually enter in your email address to receive the SBC newsletter. Do so here.

4. How will I know when and where there will be SBC-related networking events and meetups? Those updates will be included in the daily newsletter, on Twitter and in our exclusive Facebook group.

5. How can I follow SBC beyond reading the newsletter and heading directly to the site for content? We’re on Twitter, FacebookInstagram and Linkedin. SBC members can also receive an email each time a new article is published. Please email us if you’d like to be added to our distribution list.

6. Who will be writing for Sports Business Chronicle? Initially, it’ll just be Mark J. Burns. However, over time, that could certainly change.

7. Is there an app? No, not yet. The site is mobile friendly. An app could certainly be in our future, though.

8. Is there free content at all or is everything behind a paywall at We’ve since moved from two free articles a month, depending on a visitor’s search/cookie history, to specifically designating the free articles versus those behind the Sports Business Chronicle paywall. If you’re interested in gaining 100 percent access to SBC content, consider investing in a membership.