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The current state of AR in sports and how it’s on pace to explode.

Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles cashes in on Super Bowl MVP.

Our regular #OneQuestion series asked, how is social media ROI calculated in the hyper-connected digital age?

The ins and outs of Last Chance ‘U’ with East Mississippi Community College President Dr. Thomas Huebner.

Inside the Vegas Golden Knights’ community-first marketing strategy.

Our conference call transcript from guest Paul Fichtenbaum, Chief Content Officer at The Athletic.

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Sports Business Chronicle articles are, on their own merit, an invaluable source of current and in-depth sports business content for my students here at SDSU Sports MBA. I’ve also been exceptionally pleased with the weekly conference calls, which have quickly become a staple of discussions amongst students before and after class. For students and young professionals looking to enter the sports business, just listening to these calls can be an outstanding resource, but the fact that participants can ask questions directly adds to the value significantly.

Scott Minto, Director, San Diego State University Sports MBA Program

I began using Sports Business Chronicle with one of my undergraduate classes this term. It has been a powerful resource for my students. They have taken full advantage of Mark’s informational interview conference calls as well as the industry calls. His valuable advice on managing their careers has hit home with many. We also use the articles as a starting point for class discussions and project ideas. I particularly like the wide range of coverage Mark provides on the industry. And while I haven’t taken advantage of the networking events yet, I really appreciate his efforts to bring people together.

Karen Weaver, Associate Professor, Drexel University

The SBC was an invaluable resource while trying to break into the sports industry. The curated articles provided relevant, detailed and tactical information. Furthermore, the informational and interview advice segments helped focus my approach when speaking with industry professionals.

Rob Belk, MBA Student, Duke University (Fuqua School of Business) 

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