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Tuesday, August 8, 2017. At about 10 a.m. ET.

It was roughly the date and time I finally committed to Sports Business Chronicle.

Yet, oddly enough, just about a week prior I Tweeted the below, effectively announcing I was leaving media altogether. I had had enough of there not being any full-time sports business reporter positions open anywhere on the market (at least to my knowledge). I had been off and on writing for five-plus years between other full-time gigs and law school. Frankly, it was time to move on … or so I thought.

After leaving my previous employer in late June, I had some time to reflect on life, where I was at personally and professionally, just everything. And then a few close friends knocked some sense into me and reminded me how much I enjoyed writing and reporting on the sports business industry. Sometimes, it’s invaluable to have that close circle of five to seven friends you can count on to be brutally honest with you, regardless of how it may make you feel. That was the case here. One friend who I won’t mention literally brought this up every single day for two weeks; he wasn’t stopping. So on August 8, I committed to launching Sports Business Chronicle, as scary as it sounded at the time. By the end of the week, the ‘Oh, shit. I’m actually doing this’ feeling subsided. And now, well, I couldn’t be more all-in on this venture.

So, enough rambling … welcome to Sports Business Chronicle, a new age digital sports media company built around a community and membership-based model. We’ll have words and lots of them, hopefully ones worth reading. I say ‘community’ and ‘membership’ because that’s ultimately how Sports Business Chronicle will be successful in the increasingly-crowded media landscape. We’ll cover the sports business industry, report on news, discuss emerging trends, profile noteworthy executives with compelling stories and write other forms of original content. We’ll have very, very minimal aggregation. Did I say very? That’s not why we started this, and it’s not the reason, you the reader, will become a member.

We’ll cover the entire gamut of the industry for now. That might mean describing how the Nashville Predators’ 2017 Stanley Cup run impacted the team and city from a business standpoint as we head into the 2017-18 season, outlining the current state of augmented reality in sports, highlighting Coca Cola’s sponsorship strategy in esports over the last five years or polling a handful of digital professionals about the most underutilized platform in sports (Hint: these will be some of the first stories you’ll read on the website over the next week). At the same time, Sports Business Chronicle will stretch the boundaries of ‘sports business’. If you read a story on, let’s say, the rise of the infamous @FauxPelini Twitter account and say to yourself, ‘That’s not exactly sports business,’ you’re certainly right. We’re going to inject some pop culture, personality and topical stories of interest into the overarching content strategy. Chances are you’ll see one of those fringe sports business stories each week along with anywhere from three to seven other articles (we’ll have two stories on the site this afternoon along with one or two tomorrow as well).

Beyond the content, which will typically run Monday through Thursday, Sports Business Chronicle will have exclusive networking events and meetups for SBC members. We’ll be on the road throughout the month of October and will have events in Nashville and Atlanta, among other cities this Fall, so stay tuned for further updates there. Depending on the site’s traction, a future podcast is certainly a viable option in the coming months, hopefully sometime in Q1 or Q2 of 2018. Additionally, a SBC-only Slack Community and/or Facebook Page to continue the sports business conversation and engage in more one-to-one networking and conversation is on the agenda as well.

So, now what? Well, if you’re interested in reading informative, insightful and entertaining content, we’d suggest becoming a member. Your support is much appreciated. If you’d like to see some content first before diving into a membership, you’ll be able to read two free articles during each 30-day period (unless otherwise noted). We’ll have a weekly Thursday newsletter as well so sign up for that. If you have additional questions that weren’t answered above, we’d suggest reading the Frequently Asked Questions page (will be updating during the next 48 hours). And if you have any other questions, please email mark@sportsbusinesschronicle.com.

Once again, welcome to Sports Business Chronicle. We look forward to having you along for the ride.


— Mark

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