Why Is Yahoo Sports A Better Digital Alternative For Rights Holders Than A Facebook Or Amazon?

NEW YORK — With the continued emergence of digital platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and YouTube, to name a few, vying for sports rights, Verizon-owned Yahoo Sports is also at the epicenter of the live discussion.

Geoff Reiss, General Manager of Oath/Yahoo Sports, briefly addressed the topic on Wednesday at Hashtag Sports, when he was asked why rights holders such as the NFL should opt to position their content on Yahoo versus another digital/technology platform.

“I think for the partner we offer a better solution on a couple of different fronts,” Reiss said during his SportsFronts discussion. “Yahoo Sports and across Oath is rooted in just some of the deepest and best technologies in digital publishing. We have all of the wherewithal that those publishers have to be able to create great experiences.”

Reiss continued in his response: “The other part of it is we’re going to drive that multi-time a day opportunity for fans to intersect with that partner’s content in a way that the (technology companies) just aren’t. They do a great job at being able to create a terrific kind of tentpole moment, but then they’re off to scripted drama. Or then they’re off to something that has nothing to do with sports. By being able to lock into that conversation every day of the year is something that’s really powerful. It’s a big part of our value proposition for partners and our fans.”

For example, Yahoo Sports live streamed the most recent NFL playoffs and Super Bowl via its mobile app.

Reiss added: “We don’t dabble in this stuff. It’s something we incessantly live day-in and day-out.”

Recode reported in February that Verizon was one of a handful of technology companies competing for the NFL’s Thursday Night Football digital package, a bid that eventually went to Amazon for $130 million over the next two seasons. In December, Verizon also struck a a live streaming deal with the NFL, where some of the telecommunication company’s media properties like Yahoo Sports and AOL would air in-market and national games for free.

Reiss said Yahoo Sports — which recently launched a quick-hitting digital morning show called The Rush — is currently planning to integrate shoulder content outside of the NFL game windows this upcoming year. Still, don’t expect some type of football-themed show on Sunday morning, according to Reiss, who suggested that the time slot was already saturated with NFL studio shows airing on the various networks.

“We’ll be releasing a neat new show in the next couple of weeks that basically is an interactive show built around sports prediction games and stuff like that,” he said. “Think of it as sports predictions meets HQ, where we start to combine video programming with our fantasy strengths.”

Reiss was alluding to the highly-popular mobile game show HQ Trivia, which branched into sports-specific questions during the 2018 NBA Finals.

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